UnionɃTC A01

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Welcome to the start area, the payments in this Faucet are through FaucetHub.io , you need to register your Bitcoin address with FaucetHub to withdraw.

You can earn at UnionɃTC many satoshis in a few minutes      How to win?

You are in the UnionBTC faucet A01

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UnionɃTC Balance: 0 satoshi

15 satoshi every 1440 minutes.

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  In UnionBTC you can earn bitcoins without time limit since it is composed of multiple faucet, being able to charge each one every 24 hours. (You can only claim by faucet once per btc address / ip address)

❶ Enter your btc address associated with faucethub in the box to the right of "FaucetHub BTC Address:"

❷ Complete the "Solve Media" captcha

❸ Solve the anti-bot captcha, wait 16 seconds and click on the "Get reward!" Button

❹ After claiming your reward press the "Next Faucet" button to go to the next faucet and keep earn


  En UnionBTC podras ganar bitcoins sin limite de tiempo ya que esta compuesta de multiples faucet, pudiendo cobrar cada una cada 24 horas. (Solo puede reclamar por faucet una vez por direccion btc / direccion ip)

❶ Introduce tu direccion de btc asociada a faucethub en el cuadro a la derecha de "FaucetHub BTC Address:"

❷ Completa el captcha de "Solvet Media"

❸ Resuelve el anti-bot captcha y espera 16 segundos y dale click al boton "Get reward!"

❹ Despues de reclamar tu recompensa pulsa el boton "Next Faucet" para ir a la siguiente faucet y seguir ganando